1. Complete Organizer:  Complete the Tax Refund Services On-Line tax organizer which walks you through the tax process
  2. Upload Docs:   Upload or fax all your required tax documents, ids and social security cards to Tax Refund Services. All of your information is not only secure, but also encrypted!
  3. Review Info:  Review your final information
  4. E-sign:   Complete the E-Signature process
  5. Payment:  Make payment or choose to have tax preparation fee removed from tax refund check
  6. Review:   Once submitted, Tax Refund Services will formally prepare your tax return and review it twice to ensure accuracy and a maximum refund.
  7. Prep Complete:   After the preparation process is complete, your return will be e-filed to the IRS for acceptance.
  8. Return Accepted:   After your return is accepted, you may check the status 24/7 online at www.myfederalcheck.com
  9. Get Started:   File my taxes now!

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